Things to do in Pobitora

Nature lovers crave new places for hunting off and on. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is at its best and the must-visit for wanderlusts to feel the landscape closely. It has sooner or later earned its name and is now addressed for being one of the handpicked holiday destinations in Guwahati, India, due to its absorbing wildlife beyond beauty. A wonderful tea plantation will also mesmerize you and offer you a unique travel experience to knowing about locals and their work. Apart from that, there are many wildlife activities in the place that will take you closer to nature. Adventure enthusiast needs excuses to visit those beautiful sanctuaries on their next vacation in Assam.

  • Thickly populated One-Horned-Rhino is the center of attraction for tourists.
  • Waterside places also make the sanctuary an ornithologist’s delight with the presence of over 86 species of bird.
  • Jungle safari is the real gem and makes you wander to tough areas easily in jeep safari and elephant safari.
  • Haduk Hanging Bridge is also the place of interest for your hang out.
  • Small Chidrens Park in Campus is perfect entertainment factor for your kids.
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No wonder, amidst the dry deciduous wooded areas, stony scenery, and positively thick woods, one can observe an extensive diversity of birds and more than a few special wildlife animals depart in the region in their natural habitat.
Read on to know how you can be the best explorer by doing a few must things to do in Pobitora.

Get Closer to One-Horn-Rhino

Escaping the hustle of town to get closer to a one-horned rhino is part of your brilliance. This best creature is good at hunting so spotting them around the forest can be one time, multiple times, and may be no encounter. But most probably in Pobitora, the sighting is very easy as the park is so tiny. Even, if you are not doing a jungle safari. Yes, this also can happen so you should be ready to hold your breath that your dream can be true anytime during your stay at jungle lodge. Apart from rhinos grazing you will be privileged to have wild boar, jacquard.

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Jeep Safari

This sanctuary is iconic and you cannot take your eyes off the natural look of the forest with full authenticity. Loading yourself on the jeep safari will be fortunate for you if you are experiencing it for the forest time. This medium of exploring the jungle and spotting rhinos is over adventurous. Excitement sustains from the beginning to till the end of the safari. If you indeed want to witness a one-horned rhino, Pobitora is the best recommendation as it is high density populated one-horn rhino in the world. You could watch very closely. The most amazing thing is that it is very close to Guwahati city which takes only a 1-hour journey to complete.

Birds in Happy State

The most mysterious living things on the planet are birds and they are spectacularly beautiful. A major part of the birds is in fabulous colors, while others can shift their bodies into weird and wonderful shapes, make extraordinary sounds and execute wild courtship dances. Their ambiance has another level of fascination for nature watchers. Researchers can pursue their prompting extensive studies of the species of birds they are migratory birds, whereas others are residents such as the Grey-hooded Warbler and the White-vented Myna. These birds also like humans, indulge in daily routine work to make their living and those daily activities of them are our source of joy. Their presence creates positivity and the bird’s happiness creates a blissful state for us as well.

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Though there are many other spots in Pobitora beyond wildlife you can get the bliss of visiting there. Some of the popular attractions which you can discover in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in your spare time! You can be someone mood to holiday for more days then you can see them as follows:

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is a great mode of exploration of wildlife which is said to be very well surrounded by thriving greenery scattered with shining water bodies. The slow ride of this beautiful adventure is full of enthusiasm and makes you fall in love with jungle life. The jungle is layered with grassland and wetland surroundings for the Indian rhino so that their existence will be sustained longer. Pobitora safari creates a huge crush on its fan and you have the opportunity to push the limit in your manner.

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Boat Safari

Boat safari is a best alternative of Jeep safari and Elephant safari. Boat Ride to Bramhaputra River Island in Pobitora is full of zest. The cherry on the top fun would be your stay in Mayong Village (land of black magic) and experience the boat safari ride for witnessing the panoramic views.

Chanaka Eco Camp in Pobitora

If you are the nature lover then you should stay in the Chanaka Eco Camp. Chanaka is a must thing to explore here. Lovely place with Swiss tent Accomodation, Atv ride, Parasail, Boat Safari, Pobitora wild life Sanctuary Safari, Local Food next to the Mighty River Brahmaputra. Just about 1hour from Guwahati and 2hours from Guwahati Airport

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Assam Rajyik State Museum

Assam Rajvik State Museum is perfect spot in Pobitora for the art lover. Its sculptures are layered with the collection of stone, wood, metal and terracotta. Those antique pieces will steal your heart surely.