Best Time to Visit Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

This hidden and off-beat place is yet to be discovered which makes you fall in love with it. A visit to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam is an amazing experience that captivates you to the core. The ideal place for those who love nature and wildlife. The abundant encounter with wild creatures is a spellbound experience that this sanctuary can offer. Get spoiled amidst the setting of flora and fauna along with the natural green backdrop with the throw of colorful flowers. People cannot resist having a bond with nature and wildlife. The human eye has the craving for daily new delights. The fresh thing pleases their heart and coming to Pobitora will indeed offer all deserving virtue.

pobitora birds
rhino in pobitora

Every little exotic thing of the Pobitora forest awaits you to capture them. They deserve attention and the beauty lies in the eyes of a human to identify the organic aura of nature.  The Pobitora landscape has its ambiance and the aura of the place will attract you every season. Needless to add, every season extracts the beauty of nature and the place differently. Even in monsoon there is no dearth of the beauty of this sanctuary still visit is avoided to ignore any circumstances.

Pobitora in Summer

The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is in full-blown beauty in summer and every belonging of the forest looks so light and bright. One-horned rhinos and other wild creatures can be spotted easily during this time of the year because all creatures come out beside lakes and rivers. Birds also love to remain amidst nature and rivers. This landscape is going to treat all tourists with a lot of detailing during summer between October to April.

Pobitora in Winter

Winter vibes have their beauty and this is going to treat tourists with the delight of flora and fauna. That connection is going to work. The place is full of beauty. From November to February, there is a Hanging bridge and Gauranga Beel. November to March is an ideal time for bird-watching in Pobitora due to the arrival of migratory birds. The place is ideal for picnics and hanging out with family, friends, and love birds is incredible. An ideal picnic spot, safari rides of elephant and jeep is the most enjoyable ever. So staying away from this sanctuary during winter would be a bad idea.

pobitora winter season
Pobitora in Monsoon

The sanctuary remains open throughout the year except for monsoons. It closes before the arrival of monsoon, you can say at the end of May per year, and get back in the form in November. November to March months is considered the best time for bird-watching in Pobitora because of the arrival of migratory birds.

Permit and Safari Booking

The forest entry permits and safari jeeps and elephant safari can be booked precisely from our generous site. You will have to buy a Pobitora forest entry permit from our site by following all the points.