Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Booking Portal

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary located in east region of Guwahati, Assam is known for protection of one-horned Rhinos. The heterogeneous blend of multiple landscapes of flora and fauna makes it one of the best wildlife destinations in Assam, India.The powerful existence of the One-Horned-Rhino makes you experience candid moment in this era too which was only possible in Jurassic Era. This dedicated park is an organic forest with a high density of Asiatic Buffaloes, Leopard, Wild Bears and a huge collection of birds which are the best source of pleasure. The region is dominated by alluvial lowlands and marshland in the south reservoir of the river Brahmaputra in Assam. This wildlife sanctuary was established in 1998 with a total area of 48.81 square kilometres.

History of Pobitora National Park

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – earlier it was a dense marshland surrounded by paddy fields and farmland which was maintained by local villagers. They protected it from outsiders as well as rhinoceros, cattle, and wild bulls. Pobitora became a reserved wooded area in the year of 1971 with the approval done by Government of Assam Tourism. After the unexpected turn down on the rhino population caused by various reasons including stealing, Assam tourism, and the Assam Government took immediate action and declared Pobitora a wildlife sanctuary. The Government of India included Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary with the association of a rhino breeding program named "Indian Rhino Vision 2020".

Wildlife in Pobitora

Pobitora is important and shows stealer for its Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Apart from rhinoceros, other animals include leopards, wild boars, barking deer, and wild buffalo. Assam’s Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also dwelling to more than 2000 migratory birds and various reptiles. It is also a significant bird area which offers more reasons to be here. In Pobitora sanctuary, there are now around 107 rhinos and there is a 10 % increase in the rhino population over the last six years. These rhinos are fully dwelling on a simple 16 sq km area of the park. Apart from this Pobitora has a total of 22 species of mammals, 27 species of reptiles, 80 species of Butterflies, 09 species of amphibians and 8 species of turtles. The presence of huge number of avifauna species makes it paradise of birds on this earth.

rhino in pobitora

An Area Overview of the Pobitora

Pobitora is comparatively smaller in size as compared to other National Parks in Assam which serve as a breeding ground for the Indian One Horned Rhinos namely Manas National Park, Kaziranga National Park and Orang National Park. It is only because of the small in size Pobitora has been able to establish its identity in having the highest population density of Indian Rhino anywhere in the world. The entire region around the sanctuary is a part of Brahmaputra flood plains. It surrounds a number of small hills such as Kasasila hills, Hatimuria hill, Boha hill, Kardia hill, Kamarpur hill, Mitoni hill, Govardan hill, Panbari hill etc.

Pobitora Tour Packages

Choose your hotel at Pobitora National Park

The smallest Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is boasting many resorts, hotels, and bungalows. The window view from a few staying destinations is worthwhile and unforgettable. Few hotels are super lavishing and there are bungalows and lodges to stop by while visiting the Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary. Among them is Kunshi Resort which is one of the unwavering places for a comfy stay. Remain at the prime location and also comes under the Tourist Departments. This is something to keep in mind when picking your hotel. Most of the resorts mentioned on our site is providing luxurious service and all categories' room is spacious and breathable. You got to discover many resorts, homestays, jungle lodges, and hotels in Guwahati. Push your limits and be ready to unleash the layers of comfort, beauty, facilities, and luxuries amidst the green landscape where all sorts of flora will cherish your presence. There are plenty of hotels and lodges in Guwahati which provide all noteworthy beauties.Take off all your worries during your trip, so you can relax and have fun. During your stay, you will have the most memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Tourist Attractions in Pobitora National Park

Jeep Safari

After viewing the dramatic landscape and metaphors, delighted to share the beauty of this place via driving to Jeep Safari. Words are falling short for the safari to the jungle and for that you need to pre-book the jeep safari so that you can get desirable zones to bump into. Jeep or Jungle safari to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary can accommodate six tourists at a time without letting any passengers feel discomfort during the long ride.

Elephant Safari

The unforgettable Elephant safari ride to the deep jungle for absorbing the sheer magnificence. It is very easy to get lost in the elegance of the sun-kissed view of nature having loaded yourself at the back of the Elephant. This full of adventure activity occupies a special place in our senses. Few zones and wild creatures left you mesmerized and we couldn’t wait to hit the jackpot if we are privileged to be a part of wildlife viewing thoroughly in real.

How to reach Pobitora National Park

By Train

Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is approx 42.9 km away from the Sanctuary. Reaching your hotel is quite easy from the station as there are multiple options available.

By Air

Guwahati International Airport is the nearest airport which is 72.8 km approx away from the Pobitora Sanctuary. On arrival you need to hire taxi or cab. You can also ask your agent to pre- arrange commuting for you from airport to hotel.

By Road

Hiring a cab or taxi for reaching the sanctuary would be direct and there would not be any changes. You can come via personal vehicle as well and Assam is well-connected with all major cities so by road is relevant option.

Park Area

Total Area of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary: 38.81 Sq. Km.

Park Ranges

Pobitora Wildlife Range


26º 12' N and 26º 15' N


91º 59' E and 92º 05' E


In the flood plains of River Brahmaputra in the district of Morigaon

Climate and Rainfall

Rainfall : 251 mm

Best time to visit

From November to April


Elephant Safari Time slot: 6.30 am and 7.30 am