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Bansbari zone is a picturesque retreat in Manas and one of the most covered zones by tourists and top recommendations from guides. It is located in prime location just right at the entry gate of Manas National Park. This is not a destination for ordinary tourists; it pleases more for daring souls who are in love to travel around the off-beat area as well along with popular ones. Bansbari zone is the central zone of Manas,located near Barpeta road. Though the other two ranges are not well connected with Bansbari yet there are two rivers that associate all the zones precisely. The striking setting of this zone consists of huge grass pastures and having ample waterholes and river streams is superbly enchanting. The chances of tiger, one-horned rhino

elephant and buffalo spotting in this area are huge.Bansbari zone is the central zone of Manas, located near Barpeta road. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located 40 km from Guwahati. Black magic and witchcraft are considered to be the two most powerful spells in Mayong. Black magic is unlikely to be encountered here, but tourists are drawn to the site due to its historical significance. There are so many animals in Pobitora, despite being so close to the city. It is possible to see a wide range of animals and birds inside the park during a two-hour Jeep safari. Along with forests, the park includes Jeep Safari in Pobitora grasslands, wetlands, streams, and rivers.

pobitora rhino

One-Horned Rhino & Bird’s Home

Animals such as Asiatic buffalos, leopards, wild bears, civet cats, etc can be found in the sanctuary. There are also excellent bird watching opportunities at the sanctuary. The species count exceeds 2000 migratory birds. Several residents and migratory birds such as the Indian pied hornbill, osprey, hill myna, kalij pheasant, etc can be found in the range. The sanctuary is also mentioned as ‘Bharatpur of the East’ due to high density of birds. Species of reptiles like the Indian python, common monitor lizard, Indian tent turtle, and Indian cobra is also attraction of the sanctuary.

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The place is more famous due to the presence of one-horned rhino. Despite all the hype about Kaziranga, we think Pobitora does not offer much. Pobitora had a greater concentration of rhino than Kaziranga, however. It comes also as a surprise to many visitors. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary also hosts a wealth of flora, fauna, and avifauna that can be discovered on elephant safaris and jeep safaris inside its interiors.

Popular Attractions of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is a must activity that you cannot spare yourself ignoring this. This could be your main activity. Whether you are having morning or evening jeep safari one thing is sure that after entering the park you will be spell-bounded with the natural beauty and some wild creatures coming your way. Mostly people have eagerness to observe the one-horned rhino and tiger. You will be granted with the same if you thoroughly enjoy the jungle life wandering over jeep safari. Visitors can get pleasure from rhino sighting without entering the safari park if you stay in jungle lodges where you can spot few random wild creatures.

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pobitora elephant safari
Elephant safari

Watching the wildlife of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary at the back of elephant is indeed capturing all attentions. Visitors love to make their most and if they are heading inside the park then they do not want to miss out their favorite and beautiful creatures of Assam. Birds are available in abundance so you cannot skip this beautiful part of the jungle. Elephant safari is complete value for money and save you from unnecessary extravagance. If you want to schedule an elephant ride during the peak season, make sure you pre-book the safari before its get occupied. Also arrive early as the park tends to be crowded on weekends and during the holiday season.

Boat Safari

Boat safari is full of adventure and its aura is so specific. Such kind of fun activities makes the place extra ordinary and you cannot afford to miss out on these. An elegant journey to the sanctuary is incomplete without a boat safari on the northern side of the River Brahmaputra. There is space for 10 to 12 visitors on the boat and fun is overloaded only at very affordable price. The slow and steady boat safari luxury is simple and heart touching. This can be ideal picnic spot as well. At the entrance of the forest range office of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, visitors can buy their boat safari ride tickets.