Flora in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

The hidden gem comprises a meaningful existence of flora that better define Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. As every existence matter similarly flora existence liberates oxygen that is healthy for respiratory activities. The biodiversity richness depends on the flora and it outburst the beauty of the planet Earth and facilitates humans to experience two separate worlds in one. Flora makes a great difference in animal’s life. If you will know more details about the flora and know them closely your bonding will be doubled with the unique vegetations and the sanctuary.

flora pobitora
flora in pobitora
 pobitora flora

Abundance comes when you got to see beautiful flowers such as water lilies, water hyacinths, lotus, and water hyacinths that are contributing to the park's amazing and breathtaking beauty.

Wild Flowers Trails

Green space everywhere looks so lavishing and gives very fancy feeling. This is the genuine color of nature that makes the forest superbly beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off. You are sure to be moved by the presence of abundant species of unique flowers. Enjoy the rich company of the tea plants in Pobitora are species of Camellia and much more flora that deserve full attention. There is several bamboo in the forest and flower altogether in the best company. Unwinding oneself amid such beauties is everyone’s choice well that are Albizia procera, Mallotus philippensis, Duabanga grandiflora, Aphania rubra, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Crateva unilocularis, Sterculia urens, Grewia serrulata, Bridelia retusa, Aphania rubra, Leea indica.

Alluvial savanna woodlands, inundated grasslands, tropical moist mixed deciduous forests, and tropical moist mixed deciduous forests are the dominant vegetation types in the Kaziranga forest.


Many shrubs and herbs are the reason behind the perks for the birds and animals. Plant types diverge between the varied regions owing to diversity in pinnacle above sea level. A whole land of 38.85 km2 makes the Pobitora forest. Being into the grassland offers whole beauty in different ranges and they look stunningly gorgeous when air waves let them move in tune. The roads here are narrow and the sides are layers of few beautiful shrubs that make the journey so pleasant. The Pobitora different ranges are characterized by tall grasses like sugarcane and elephant grass. In addition, there are also more than a few small grasses in the park. There are small grasses mostly around cotton trees, Kumbhi trees, Indian gooseberries, and elephant apples.

shrubs in pobitora

There are many trees are available in Pobitora and they are very colorful. The varied presence and ambience of trees is a rich source of diet for animals available in the jungle of Pobitora. The wide range of flora is s soothing and sometimes it appears to be the never ending chain of greenery.


Despite their variety of uses, bamboo has grown in significance in Pobitoro socio- economic life. All species of bamboo are full-grown naturally in this sanctuary, The quality of the vegetation here is awesome and covered with bamboo jungle.