Fauna in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

One-Horned-Rhino stars in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and is truly blessed with picturesque diversity. The powerful and attractive nature will beckon tourists from all corners of the world. The worth of a wildlife sanctuary is acknowledged with the presence of the fauna. You will be left in awe when you watch the one-horned rhino and other species of animals on the premises of Pobitora. Words will fall short to describe the awesome blend of nature and creatures. This sanctuary is giving shelter to many bird species as well so your visit to this place will make you experience a fresh meet-up with them.  Other beautiful and wild creatures are leopards, wild boars, barking deer, wild water buffalo, etc. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam is also dwelling safely to more than 2000 migratory birds and a variety of reptiles. This place belongs to all those species except the tiger. No shelter for the tiger yet you have a great alternative which is a strong and attractive Leopard.

fauna in pobitora
pobitora fauna


One-horned rhino in this sanctuary is the center of attraction. As compared to other wildlife sanctuary this place has secured the best marks in spotting one-horned rhinos. People are big fans of this specie. This animal is bigger, better, and bulky still eye candy for many and very popular among kids. This incredible creature is full of incredibility. These are herbivores and eat very healthy food like grass and plants and also flora. They love to be in mud to get protection against sun scorching heat. They love their solitary state and want to remain alone most of the time, unlike white rhinos. A strong body and one horn at the front are indeed very unique in look. All those deserving looks can be seen by you once you arrive at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary without fail.

birds in pobitora
Birds Beauty

You cannot get over the bird’s beauty here in Pobitora. The bid’s land is here and you will come across varied migratory and resident birds during this peak season. Those versatile birds can be your dream come true so photographing them and living beside them is truly your luck. Pobitora is one of the best habitats for birds and they love to be here in a calm state under the company of family. They feel so safe and happy here. It is obvious to fall in love with this Lesser Adjutant Stork bird as this is a big turn-on. Indeed, the fascination for water birds is real so this is the place for beautiful Ferruginous ducks, Pied harriers, Crested serpent eagles, and Pallas's fish eagles and you get to see many migratory birds this season. The peculiarity of this place is considered with all these fauna facts which underline your full joy.

In this tiny Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, you have a bunch of faunas to experience their beauty from very close. This is a wildlife sanctuary existing on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra in Morigaon district in Assam, India. This happening place is a great source of joy for all the tourists to turn them on watching the huge wildlife in the premises without any delay.