Elephant Safari at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Journeying all the way through the forest at the back of elephant is ultimate experience. Weaving every bit of memory with the elephant safari ride is quick rejuvenation. Wildlife lover makes excuses to push their limit and you have all reason for getting moved by the beauty of the landscape in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. You should not stay away from such praiseworthy landscape. The view is class apart and make you head over heels fall in love while doing elephant safari. Covering the small landscape spread out across 38.81 square kilometers area by the side of the River Brahmaputra of Pobitora. It is housing huge amount of rhinoceros is a dream come true for many tourists. The place is full of discovery and you are fortunate enough to get to see the Pobitora at the back of elephant.

elephat safari pobitora
pobitora elephant safari
elephant in pobitora

Elephant Safari Pobitora:- Important Points before you be there

  • Elephant safari bestows sufficient time to explore the tiny jungle of Pobitora for catching famous one-horned rhino.
  • Elephant safari starts at as early in two slots i.e. 6:00 AM to 07:00 AM and 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM in the winter morning which is likely to be the best time for safari.
  • Access to the forest’s all prime location on Elephant safari.
  • Elephant Safari happens in the Tamuli Duba of the Pobitaora Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Elephant Safari Timing and routes are decided by Pobitora forest officials.
  • The forest official can change the timing and routes as per the weather condition and on other terms as well.
  • One-horned rhino sighting is easy here and better here.
  • Taking any routes for elephant safari spot will take you to the main area of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Taking any routes for elephant safari spot will take you to the main area of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Every place of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is beautiful in terms of forests, lowlands, animals density, birds and topography.
  • An elephant of Pobitora are two-seater and four-seater which carry tourists as per their capacity.
  • Group of 12 elephant enters into the safari place along with two forest guard.
  • There is a Elephant safari starting point that you will get to know once you be there.
  • Elephant employed for safari are well trained by Pobitora forest official..
  • It is always advisable to get pre-booked to reserve the elephants seats.
pobitora elephant safari

Some other important info about Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has a 38.81 square kilometers area.
  • Opening hours is 6.30 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3.30 pm respectively.
  • Animals you can observe are One-horned rhino, Asiatic buffalos, Jackals, wild cats and wild boar.
  • Other popular attractions are Boating, Camping, Mayong village, Dolphin view point, Sunset point, Narasingha Mandir.
  • There are above information which can be varied as per condition.